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Trends and tendencies in trade fair logistics.

In addition to the construction of the exhibition stand, the logistical challenges cause the most restless nights for the responsible exhibition managers. Trade fair organizers have exhibition halls with the best logistical conditions. Unfortunately, these advantages are quickly used up when the exhibition stand construction company you have commissioned already has problems between the storage logistics and the "last mile" before the exhibition. You might be interested in exhibition stand Dubai.

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But the framework conditions also influence whether everything needed is delivered to the right place on time. After all, the logistics for a trade fair are a complex matter. A total of four trends can be outlined that can be expected in the course of trade fair logistics shortly:

Legal regulations on occupational health and safety 

A trend that has become increasingly apparent over the years is the reduction in set-up and dismantling times. So far, no dramatic increase in accidents involving personal injury has been recorded - despite the increasing pressure of time. But occupational health and safety are taking up more and more space, especially on the agenda of trade fair organizers. Know more about exhibition stand design.

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To largely avoid critical situations in the future, the organizers are increasingly inviting people to work groups and market forums to present new rules and standards on occupational safety. Incidentally, the trade fair service providers regard strict compliance with the regulations and their implementation as "normal."  

Seamless process flows

The previously more or less complete interlocking of the individual process steps in the logistics of a trade fair will be digitized even more in the future and will therefore have far fewer breaks. Learn more about exhibition stand design Dubai.

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Aspects such as just-in-time, fully automatic transport scheduling, transport management software systems, slot systems, or traffic management will increasingly adapt to existing logistics processes in the industry. The benchmark here is the automotive industry, which has almost perfected these processes. A supplier books a slot for his truck for loading and unloading at an event location. According to the slot allocation, the car is also assigned a loading box, which it drives. 

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Everything necessary for loading and unloading, such as a forklift, and personnel, is available automatically and on time. Thanks to plausible interfaces of all software systems, all those involved are connected so that the process works. This eliminates unnecessary waiting times because truck deliveries overlap, and the total daily turnover of large trucks per trade fair location can be increased significantly. Get to exhibition stand builders in UAE.

Ordering processes are going digital.

Modern communication devices are now intelligent and handy. It doesn'tdoesn't matter whether it'sit's a smartphone, laptop, or tablet - they are ideally suited to replacing the usual, often complicated ordering processes. 

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Anyone who has ever ordered a taxi using an app or had experience shopping on the Internet can imagine which tasks will be handled by mobile devices in the future. "All-terrain logistics" will also be possible, which will not shy away from events on the meadow or in the forest. This digitization of trade fair and event logistics makes it possible to take one or two laptops with you and turn on the operation tools.

Slot systems and traffic management work anywhere in the world - as long as it is in a WLAN network. Digitization offers options that make it possible to react even more individually to the client'sclient's requirement profile. It is almost inevitable that the trade fair service manager will have to deal with other tasks related to the logistics of a trade fair - because trade fairs and events will always be very personal business in the future. Are you looking for exhibition stand design ideas?.

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More communication between service providers 

The increasing digitization of the industry will lead to the emergence of platforms on which the individual service providers can coordinate even more. Exhibitors stand builders, caterers and riggers correspond online with the trade fair logistician and form networks carried out on a project basis.

Trends and tendencies in trade fair logistics.

In addition to the construction of the exhibition stand, the logistical challenges cause the most restless nights for the responsible exhibi...